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Dicronorrhina derbyana derbyana L2


larvae of Dicronorrhina derbyana derbyana (Derby’s flower beetle)

Please read full description for info and rearing recommendtions


An easy-going beetle for beginners as well as an interesting beetle for more experienced breeders as it can reach up to 60 mm in size. However, even for beginners males will easily reach 45mm with a good substrate.

Look: green body with red iridescence and white stripey pattern

Imago: male and female can be identified via the dent in the abdomen, the different texture in the pronotum of the female and the cephalic horn of the male

Natural habitat : Tanzania

Food for the imago: ripe fruit, beetle jelly

temp/hygro: 20°C – 30 °C / 70%-90%

Food for the larva: oak and beech peat / regular household vegetable compost mixed with rotting oak and beech leaves / white rotten wood from beech or oak is also accepted

Communal or individual rearing: communal

cycle completion: 6 to 10 months depending on temperature.


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