electroformed stag beetle with labradorite heart


Beetle species: Prosopocoilus giraffa keisukei – male
Necklace length & type: chain with lobster clasp
Pendant dimensions: 55mm x 95 mm including heart
Material: copper with patina and non tarnish coating
Color array: copper with browns and oranges. not super high polished.
Gemstone: blue labradorite

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Copper electroformed stag beetle pendant with blue labradorite heart.
There is a real beetle underneath this metal! Symmetrically pinned after passing naturally and then preserved for eternity in a pendant with chain.
The necklace is fully adjustable in length as the lobster clasp can fit in any of the large chain links.

Electroforming is a very slow process where metal starts to grow on organic matter by means of electricity. The result is 1 strong merged piece of jewelry with a lot of detail and a natural coppery bronzy tone. The plating process is never fully predictable and therefore no 2 identical pieces can be produced, ever. This unique piece of jewelry is as unique as the beetle underneath.

A true eye catcher on any dinner date, party, etc… resting beautifully on cleavage.
I would not recommend daily wear, this is a heavy one of a kind piece.

It has a coating to prevent color tarnish on the copper, and it also prevents a green deposit on your skin.

Depending on the light, the piece will exhibit different colors. See photo’s where it was photographed near a bright window vs in indirect natural light.

This particular piece required almost 4 hours of careful hand work and more than 36 hours of plating.

Comes in a black jewelry box (as shown) with a specimen card regarding the beetle (find it underneath the foam).

All shipping is with tracking.

! Word of caution !:
Not suitable for showering, sleeping, sports, the beach etc.
Please note this is a copper piece with a real insect underneath. The copper will crack or warp when you drop it.
I do not recommend wearing this on a lace blouse or a wool sweater as the legs or other details may get caught by your garment.
If a leg gets caught while zipping up your jacket you will very likely sever the leg.
Take care of it as the precious thing that it is.


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