Goliathus goliatus beetles

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Live beetles of Goliathus goliatus, the goliath beetle.

Due to sensitivity and summer heat I will not ship to locations that may take more than 3-4 days to arrive. These locations include all Nordic countries, Portugal, Italy.

Please see full product description and color/pattern variations to choose your beetle.


A beautiful and very large beetle. Rearing their larvae is not suitable for beginners, unless you are very committed. Nevertheless, these are exceptionally beautiful beetles to watch and have.

Look: varying matte patterns of bright white, bright red and black.

Imago: male and female look different as males have a fork shaped horn and very long front legs.

size 40 – 100 mm

Natural habitat : West and Central Africa

These larvae were captive bred in Belgium

Food for the imago: ripe fruit, beetle jelly

temp/hygro: 20°C – 30 °C / 70%-90%

Food for the larva: L1 flakesoil and some protein, as of L2 th elarvae switches to protein only and the used substrate has no importance (peat moss, coco choir, compost, etc)

Communal or individual rearing: strictly individual with daily protein feedings.

cycle completion: 12-16 months. generally 6 months as a larva, 3-6 months in cocoon, and then another 4-6 months as and adult beetle.

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nr 3 Female albatus, nr 5 Female conspersus, nr 6 female albatus, nr 8 male apicalis, nr 9 female albatus


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