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Megasoma elephas elephas L2


Larvae of the massive elephant beetle.  CBF2

Please read full description for info and rearing recommendations


Look: brown and fuzzy

Male and female look very different. the female is less fuzzy and the male has the typical elephant horn

size: anywhere from 60 to 120 mm

Natural habitat: Mexico, Venezuela,…

These larvae were captive bred in Belgium

Food imago: ripe fruits, beetle jelly

temp/hygro: 20°C-27°C/70%-80%

Food larva: I personally recommend black soil. However, a mix of leaves and white rotten wood will also work, add flake soil for better results.

communal or individual rearing: communal per 3 or 4 larvae in a large and broad box of let’s say 30 litres. Larvae are huge and lazy – they will always sit at the bottom, so height of the box is lost space. they are also vulnerable for asphyxiation. I personally recommend lower boxes with a large surface area.

Pupal cell: their cocoons are of monstrous sizes, hence again the importance of surface area of the box. if cocoons get damaged the pupa can be saved by using floral foam


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