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mini bell dome with 3 flying beetles


Classic mini bell dome with 3 flying flower beetles

width including wooden base: 64mm
width glass top: 48mm
height including wooden base: 110mm


Narrow classic trio bell dome consisting of a sturdy wooden base and a glass top.

beetles are p niveogutatta, p himalayna, cetonia aurata

Looks great on your coffee table, book shelf, desk, in your curiosity corner,…
Makes a classic and timeless curiosity accent around the house, and of course a great and colorful gift.

The beetles were symmetrically prepared with spread wings after passing naturally.
Composition consists of 3 small flower beetles – 100% ethically bred by myself, nothing trapped and killed from exotic forests.

The item you see in the pictures, is exactly what you will get. Only 1 was made.


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