Prosopocoilus giraffa keisukei L3 trio


1 male + 2 females L3

An easy-going stag beetle for intermediate breeders as well as a nice beetle for more experienced breeders as males can reach up to 12cm in length.

Please read full description for info and rearing recommendations

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Look: dark black body with large saw tooth mandibles

Imago: males and females can be distinguished by the size of the mandibles, head, pronotum and elongated legs.

Natural habitat : Indonesia

These larvae were captive bred in Belgium

Food for the imago: ripe fruit, beetle jelly

temp/hygro: 20°C – 26 °C / 80%-90%

Food for the larva: high protein flake soil / white rotten wood from beech or oak is also accepted

Communal or individual rearing: communal rearing until mid L2 at the latest, individual rearing advised as of L2. 2Litre containers with a diameter of 15cm are sufficent for males

cycle completion: 6 to 10 months depending on gender and temperature


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