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Protaetia himalayana


larvae of P.himalayana

Please read full description for info and rearing recommendations


A small mesmerising beetle.

Look: mirror green elytrae and copper legs

Imago: male and female look identical and can only be identified via the dent in the abdomen. size 20 – 30 mm

Natural habitat : China Nepal mountain region

These larvae were captive bred in Belgium

Food for the imago: ripe fruit, beetle jelly

temp/hygro: 20°C – 30 °C / 70%-90%

The larvae will require diapause for 3 months in a cold environment during winter to ensure ample ovipositing by females.

Food for the larva: oak and beech peat / regular household vegetable compost mixed with rotting oak and beech leaves / white rotten wood from beech or oak is also accepted

Communal or individual rearing: communal

cycle completion: 8 to 10 months depending on temperature.


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