silver amulet with protaetia himalayana


Round silver color amulet with p himalayana

pendant height 4 cm
pendant width 3.5 cm
necklace length 42-44 cm resting right above the cleavage

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The beetle is a Protaetia himalayana, a small flower beetle from China & Nepal.

The beetle is a mirror like vibrant green with golden sheen on the elytrae.
It was symmetrically prepared and then cast into UV protected epoxy resin to fit the pendant and maintain a glass like shimmer and clarity.

The back of the pendant is completely transparent, which allows you to study the beetle’s belly as well. This also means that it will always match the colour of your outfit, whether it’s resting on bare skin or a piece of garment.

The item you see in the pictures, is exactly what you will get. Only 1 was made.

The necklace comes with a protective natural cotton baggie and a specimen card with info about your beetle.


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